We are Artur and Nika – a couple of nice people, parents for 5-year-old boy and founders of Frozen.BRO

We noticed that more and more people are feeling anxiety due to COVID limitations and we are here to take care. Frozen.BRO helps people, working parents to save time on a daily routine and pay attention to the most important ones – themselves, to loved ones.

The first product we launched is khinkali – big juicy Caucasian dumplings made by hand only. No machinery, only soul. It’s frozen and ready to eat after 10 minutes of boiling. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We put inside meat or cheese or potato, then freeze and deliver it and feed one whole family with one pack of khinkalis in 10 minutes. The formula is: (quality + taste x saved time) = laughing family around the dining table. Incredible!

Started producing massively in a professional kitchen in January 2022.New tastes and products will come soon.

Stay tuned, bro!


Founder and creator of khinkali recipe.
A good person, really 🙂


An inspiring wife
(I'm a creator of this website, I can write here whatever I want).
I also chat with you in social media and draw all the visual content you see.